Naturally Enhancing Performance Through Nutrition



I'm Gary Rossen,  a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) in the D.C. / Northern Virginia area. I work with clients (in-person or virtually) to address fundamental imbalances in health and nutrition with the goal being improved health and athletic performance.


As a high school and collegiate runner I was your average athlete who believed that nutrition was an optional feature of training. While I was not eating terribly poorly, I may not have always concentrated on what I was putting in my mouth. A few years ago, I began pondering how my career and injury record could have been better if I had eaten a more nutrient dense – whole food diet. The journey into Nutrition began there!

Would you like to have better performances, faster recovery, and better health? Give me a call today to take the first stride


I Believe....

  • Eating a nutrient dense - whole food diet is important to daily health & athletic performance                            

  • Identifying areas of nutritional need can be crucial to success                     

  • Proper digestion can be just as important as the foods you eat!              

  • Bio-Individuality rules! We must look at each individual client differently