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About Me


As a high school and collegiate runner I was your average athlete who thought that nutrition was an optional feature of training. While I was not eating terribly poorly, I may not have always concentrated on what I was shoving in my mouth. A few years ago, I began pondering how my career and injury record could have been better if I had eaten a more nutrient dense – whole food diet. The journey into Nutrition began there.


Last year I embarked on a more formal path and became a Nutritional Therapist or NTP. During the course I began to believe that combining my nutrition, coaching, and running experience would be a great way to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.


Thus, the formation of Three Strides Wellness -  to help athletes reach their potential through Nutritional Therapy. As an NTP, I am able to work with clients one on one and in group settings teaching them how to make diet and lifestyle choices that benefit their health and well-being greatly.

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