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Yesterday we had a track meet!

It was outside in 40-degree weather, but it was amazing! Since the “shut down” last March I have considered myself lucky in that I was able to go into work consistently since July to prepare technology for kids for virtual learning. That has kept me busy and sane since this whole thing began. However, those who know me, know how hyper I can be and how that was not going to be enough! When the VHSL (Virginia High School League) came out with plans for holding a sports season we were all skeptical. Somehow, we are pulling it off. From trainers, to coaches, to athletic directors, everyone has pitched in. Daily routines have been tedious. Taking temperatures of kids upon arrival, social distancing, sanitizing equipment, and most recently mandatory mask wearing even when running! When I heard about the 100% mask wearing rule, I must be honest, I had second thoughts if this was worth it. Several of our kids decided not to run under those conditions and I totally understand.

Our team looks very different this year. We had a ton of seniors graduate last year. These kids are amazing. They never complain about the forms. They never complain about the temperature checks, and to my amazement, I have had heard few complaints about the masks! They show up to practice on time and they do their work. I am so happy for these kids because I can see how much this is doing for them. I have even seen some talking to each other from a distance as they are parked in adjacent spaces in the parking lot. They can’t really hang out close to each other but human contact even at a distance has been so valuable. They are trying to make the most of the year and it isn’t easy. This is surely going to be a time in their lives that they will never forget.

We are still unsure what the future holds from the micro level of our team all the way to our country and even the world. Maybe our little team is not that important in the overall scheme of things but for a moment yesterday the world showed some semblance of its previous self.

One of the main reasons I have always appreciated running is it is sport in its purest and simplest form. I think that’s why this meet was so joyous yesterday. During a time of uncertainty, it is important to be able to do the simple things to feel a sense of purpose, “normalcy” and humanity. We look forward to a time when kids biggest concern will be who they might be going to the dance with? For right now we’ll take what we can get!

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